Rapscallion Soda Case Study
Rapscallion Soda Shopify Website Case Study
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Rapscallion Soda Shopify Website Case Study

Rapscallion Soda began dishing out handmade soft drinks in Glasgow back in 2016. Their goal is simple, to make the best tasting drinks without using artificial ingredients. With an aim to grow their business they contacted Dewsign to assist in creating a website that aligned with the quality of their products as well as to help grow their subscription service.

rapscallion soda pamphlet
rapscalllion soda box
Rapscallion Soda pouring
fresh raspberries
made in scotland

What we did

Our initial task for Rapscallion was to select the most suitable shopify theme for their business and brand. We then customised the theme, creating a bespoke menu and subscription flow to simplify and improve the user experience.

Creating a clear user journey

With a need to cater to both businesses and direct consumers, a key requirement for the Rapscallion site was to ensure the UX was maximised for both audiences. After establishing clear user journeys for both B2B and B2C we implemented a new navigation to ensure an enjoyable and efficient shopping experience for all.

User Interface

The newly selected Shopify theme was styled using exisiting branding. Bespoke customisation was then aded to a many areas of the theme, including the product page, menu, add to cart, quiz page, subscription and season collection page.

face pull

Unique Add to Cart

Rapscallion Soda has a distinct tone of voice and strong branding in place. We utilised the changing gradient of their brand colours to create a customised menu, and designed a custom soda can cart icon to reflect elements of fun and uniqueness for the user.

Seasonal Products

With the focus on raw ingredients, the availability of some of Rapscallion’s products is seasonal. It was vital to communicate this changing availability of products in an authentic way. A customised content block which can be used throughout the website was created to visually portray a timeline of when specific products are available and for how long. The block was integrated into the seasonal collection page.

Seasonal graphic


A subscription programme was set up using the App recharge. A series of questions acts as a quiz to select the best subscription options for the user to boost engagement and conversion rates.

Recharge logo

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