Strawberry Fields Case Study
Strawberry Fields Shopify eCommerce Website Case Study
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Strawberry Fields Shopify eCommerce Website Case Study

The family-run business Strawberry Fields is nestled in the countryside near Lifton on the Devon & Cornwall border. The team behind the bustling farm shop and restaurant wanted to extend their already successful local delivery online store to accommodate nationwide delivery. We selected and customised a Shopify theme to meet their needs and budget. The result? An intuitive, user-led online store that showcases farm-fresh produce across a range of grocery categories.

Mounce Family walking and laughing together through field on their farm
Bread from the Strawberry Fields Bakery
Woman picking Sunflowers in field
Roasted meat
Baker putting toppings on pie
Box of Steak and Ale Pies

What we did

The navigation was a key factor when building the current Strawberry Fields Online Food Shop as they have a large amount of products. It was a very thought out process, tailored to their products. We were able to customise the theme to meet our clients needs, creating a sticky search bar for both mobile and desktop. Making the shopping experience as easy as possible for users while maintaining their brand.

User Experience

The main navigation of the site has been remodeled, the introduction of clear product categories now ensures a convenient and efficient shopper journey. High quality lifestyle imagery of products throughout the site ensures the brand values and quality local produce is top of mind for the user throughout their visit. Implementing the ‘add to cart‘ button on the product collection pages has ensured a friction-free shopper journey, reducing clicks to purchase across the site and creating a smooth, simple and speedy check out process to maximise conversion.

Product Photography Direction

We created a product background for the site that reflects the local sourcing and farm-fresh credentials of the Strawberry Fields Farm Shop. Clear and simple page templates were created for the in-house team to use when adding new product lines, and will ensure that product images remain consistent across the website. All products are now presented to showcase their premium quality and provide the customer everything they need at one glance.

Local Devon Vegetables
Ribeye Steaks
Cream Tea
Broccoli and Stilton Quiche
Green Back Bacon
Wine and Cheese
Meat Boxes
Buttermilk Peanut Brittle
Tomato Juice
Baking Flour

One Stop Shop

We designed the Strawberry Fields homepage to enable a seamless shopper journey across the full product range with significantly fewer clicks to drive conversions across the product range. The use of collections and homepage-centric navigation exposes customers to product categories they may not have come to shop for as well as drawing them into the product area they intended. Importantly the team now has ongoing control over which collections and products feature on the homepage, giving them the flexibility to regularly update the site to showcase seasonal products or promotions. Not to be forgotten, the Shopify ’Collection’ functionality also has the added bonus of enhancing SEO, providing search engines with a virtual ‘table of contents’ for the store.

Mobile Search

Analytics showed us that, in line with industry data, over half of Strawberry Fields current web traffic is from mobiles. A mobile first approach was therefore critical. We enhanced the Shopify theme by implementing a sticky search navigation to assist users as they shop. Optimised for speed and with responsive design the website displays seamlessly for mobile users, but is also fully immersive for desktop users.

Zapiet Integration

We integrated one of the most powerful store collection and local delivery solutions for Shopify. It provides Strawberry Fields with the flexibility to offer their customers the ability to collect from their farm shop, deliver with their own fleet of vans or integrate with their preferred courier for nationwide deliveries.

Order import

To remove the need for the Strawberry Fields team to manually enter orders into their EPOS system, we developed a bespoke app to enable Strawberry Fields to automatically import all Shopify orders. An additional investment, yes, but an ongoing saving of valuable time and resources!

$lineItemXML = $orderXML->addChild('order_detail_lines');
foreach ($order['line_items'] as $item)
    $lineDetailXML = $lineItemXML->addChild('detail_line');
    $lineDetailXML->addChild('product_code', $item['sku']);
    $lineDetailXML->addChild('qty', $item['quantity']);
    $lineDetailXML->addChild('price_each', $item['price']);
    $lineDetailXML->addChild('line_total', number_format($item['price'] * $item['quantity'], 2));

EPOS Integration with Shopify

We have integrated with Strawberry Fields EPOS and stock system by building a bespoke app. The app ensures new products are automatically added to their Shopify store and inventory is updated in realtime to ensure stock availability. Additionally, when a customer places an order the details are automatically pushed into the EPOS system. By automating this process administration time is reduced to virtually zero.

See how it stacks up

With mobile users now representing a majority market share, our websites are always responsive and we focus on mobile-first during the development phase. Below is the live Strawberry Fields website, click on a device icon to see how it responds down to provide a seamless user journey and save scrolling, panning or zooming whatever the device.