Inspire Makers Case Study
Inspire Makers Case Study
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Inspire Makers Case Study

Inspire Makers is a startup concept focussed on making art & craft accessible. The visual identity celebrates all the different forms of arts & crafts, but plays a modern twist, bringing craft into the 21st century.

Blue Pattern Circles Cropped
Patterns Diamonds
Pattern stripes thicker
Pattern Diamond
Pattern dots
Pattern Circles
Pattern Triangles
Pattern Triangle

What we did

Inspired Makers had hit a roadblock with the naming of their new venture. Inspire Makers is a space with multiple uses. Local makers hold workshops to pass on skills with a view to 'not let craft die'. It is also a studio where you can pop in, have a chat and have a go at a craft. It is also a shop that sells what has been made. With all of this in mind we held a naming & brand workshop and then crafted a new brand identity.

Inspire makers naming and brand workshop

Brand & naming workshop

We invited our client in for a workshop & a cuppa. The aim of the workshops are to get everything out of the clients head and down on paper. That way we can write a creative brief & put our thinking caps on.

The concept

We extensively looked at the patterns that are created & formed through all mediums of arts & crafts - be it glass making, textiles or ceramics. We then used this as inspiration to not only inform the way the brand will be used but the logo itself.

Modernising craft

Hero-ing the previous patterns we set out creating a suite of arts & crafts patterns. Bringing craft into the 20th century using a simple geometric style.

Primary logo wide

The logo

We meticulously crafted all the geometric patterns together to form this very bespoke and beautiful logotype.

Primary logo suite

Instead of creating a ‘one size fits all logo’ we formulated a primary and secondary logo plan with guidelines for correct usage. This provides flexibility for a brand, giving them options for a more corporate or stand out look dependent on audience and usage needs.

Secondary logo suite

Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - cover
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - introduction
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - logomark
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - logo
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - contents
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - patterns
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - colour
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - colour 2
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - typography
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - typography2
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - insta
Inspire Makers Brand guidelines - back cover

Brand guidelines

For the roll out of the brand we created a Brand Book which contained usage examples all the way through. This enabled the user of the book to see how new collateral should look and how extendible the brand is. Stepping away from strict ‘rules’ we wanted to create ‘guides’ instead - making the identity expandable, fun and allowing it to evolve and adapt with the world around it.

Inspire makers tote bag image

Tote bag

The tote bag uses the patterns from the logo within a grid to add interest.

Inspire makers insta feed

On social

The use of the graphical patterns with real life patterns bring the identity to life on Instagram.

Inspire Makers Business cards

Business cards

We created a set of business cards using the suite of primary logos. This allowed the client to hand out a more corporate card if it needed, or a brighter one to stand out from the crowd.

“I had been completely stuck on the right personality for my new venture and therefore found the initial brand session extremely valuable. The discussion extracted everything I had in my head about what I was trying to achieve and provided much needed structure and clarity. The brand direction ideas which followed fully reflected this, with one in particular really tapping into my vision, and was a much stronger look than I had anticipated. It was then a smooth process to the final logo and branding guidelines in which I feel fully invested and able to work with easily as the business develops.”

Vicky Glaiser - Inspire Makers