Curious Fish Case study
Curious Fish Brand Identity Case Study
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Curious Fish Brand Identity Case Study

Creating, developing and delivering a fun yet flexible brand identity to work across multiple mediums and industries.

Curious fish office with table and chairs
Curious fish office interior design project
Curious fish handmade wooden figures made out of wood
Curious fish on set with a woman looking into a triangular mirror

What we did

We were approached to come up with a diverse identity for an interior designer who also does architecture and makes products. It had to work across lots of mediums but also be fun and have legs.

Curious fish brand identity logo

The logo mark

Two simple gemoetic squares make up the fish. 
Which is both scalable and adaptable.

The logo sting

A simple animation brings the strapline to life.

curious fish brand image of a industrial business with the logo on it

The identity with legs

The identity is brought to life by adding elements to the logo, making the fish into a character and also making the logo into a setting or adapting to its surroundings. This identity can constantly evolve.

Curious fish bright blue poster
Curious fish bright green poster with modern graphic
Curious fish bright poster of an industrial background with brand graphic
Curious fish bright yellow poster with strap-line 'your tailored living space

Attention grabbing

Creating a series of stand out prints, to showcase a stand out logo, for a stand out company. By creating a flexible logo that can be adapted to best fit any scenario, the possibilities are endless.

'Dewsign fully captured the essence of our brand from the get go. Developing original and inspiring ideas that really reflected our personality, we are really pleased with the result and thoroughly enjoyed the overall experience.'

Hugo Helene - Director