Skinflint Case Study
Skinflint Design eCommerce Case Study
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Skinflint Design eCommerce Case Study

A very user-centric eCommerce shopping experience that tells Skinflint’s unique brand story, captures the essence of the product and fully optimises conversions designed and built by Dewsign.

skinflint reclaimed industrial sweedish desk lamp side table
skinflint industrial 1950s british industrial light
skinflint industrial pendant light
skinflint website on mobile device
Skinflint vintage lighting john franicis bassett light

What we did

Working closely with Skinflint, we created a very user-centric online shopping experience that tells Skinflint’s unique brand story, captures the essence of the product and fully optimises conversions.

Understanding userflows

We planned for every UX eventuality to deliver seamless user journeys site-wide, outlining every single website feature, page content placement, and user flow.

Tell the products story

The aim of the product pages was to tell the story of every light - its era, origin and original manufacturer. The modular UX/UI enabled Skinflint to manage this storytelling throughout the product range complimented with a seamless buying experience.

Seamless checkout process

We created a very refined user-centric online shopping experience. That works globally.

skinflint reclaimed industrial lighting in london restaurant
Skinflint global orders icon

Global orders

The website has enabled Skinflint to grow international sales channels and expand into new regions.

Business management platform

The Dewsign CMS manages the whole business workflow. All product information; stock levels, restoration process, testing, photography, sales and archiving is managed through a single CMS interface. The restoration workflows and contractors worksheets are defined in batches so that they can be easily duplicated and all associated paperwork including quotes, invoicing and other documents are saved within the system. It is a great example of a fully bespoke Business Management software application created around a highly successful niche business.

Skinflint Business management screen grab

Built to last

A dedicated API layer created for the existing CMS serves all data for the new Website, creating a completely standalone front-end build on Laravel which runs entirely from Cached API data.

We created traits which can easily be adding to any class to retrieve data from the API giving all developers on the project a consistent way of working with the data.

This setup allows us to maintain the business management API on the current platform with total flexibility over the website stack.

trait MakesApiCalls
     * Set the API Endpoint for this controller
     * @var string
    protected $endpoint = "/";
    protected $method = "GET";

     * The default cache duration
     * @var integer
    protected $cacheDuration = 30;

“From initial briefing to final delivery we found all at Dewsign a pleasure to work. The site design and bespoke management system far exceeded our expectations, the high level of business generated since launch is testimony to this.“