Fish For Thought Case Study
Fish For Thought Bespoke eCommerce Platform Case Study
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Fish For Thought Bespoke eCommerce Platform Case Study

An intricate business management tool, with fully bespoke ecommerce functionality, we have empowered Fish for Thought to take their business to the next level, whilst confidently ensuring digital durability of their system for the long term.

whole cornish fresh lobster
fish for thought website on an iphone
Fish for Thought lifestyle image of a woman eating lobster on a beach in Cornwall
Fisherman at port issacc in cornwall fishing for fresh fish
fresh seafoood hot meal outside in cornwall
Fish for Thought image of live Cornish mussels

What we did

Working closely with Fish For Thought, Dewsign redesigned and developed their complex business management tool, that includes a number of intricate processes that are paramount for the smooth, internal operations and running of their day to day business, as well as delivering an impressive bespoke ecommerce store.

A simplified business management system

Over the past 11 years, Fish For Thought have grown from 2 men and a portakabin, to a large team of enthusiasts delivering fresh fish and seafood up and down the country. They pride themselves on ethical and sustainable sourcing, unbeatable freshness, real provenance, boat to kitchen convenience and delivering high quality, healthy and delicious fresh fish and seafood.

Fish for Thought’s steady, but impressive, growth led to their original website evolving quickly over time. We needed to ensure the new system not only delivered the functionality they were used to, but simplified and enhanced the experience from two key perspectives: the internal team managing the business, and the front end customer who would be purchasing their products.

A strategic approach

Adhering to user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design best practises, we’ve created a user centric online shopping experience that captures the essence of Fish For Thought’ brand, showcases their products and is fully optimized for conversions. Their internal admin interface is now much more streamlined, clean and clear and allows them to be fully in control - a luxury which they did not have previously.

 * Dispatch multiple orders.
 * @param  \Illuminate\Http\Request  $request
 * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response
public function dispatchOrders(Request $request)
    $orders = Order::find($request['orderIds']);

    $orders->map(function ($order) {
        Event::fire(new OrderDispatched($order));

    return response()->json([
        'message' => 'Orders dispatched successfully',

Our development best practice

We pride ourselves on our development best practice, building sustainable systems to last - for the long term.

The Fish for Thought business management platform uses a bespoke event handling system to keep track of orders as they progress through the system, firing the relevant events as and when required. For example, when an order is dispatched in the business managment platform the event handling system takes care of updating the status of the order.

Utilising Modern Technologies

A complete custom, rebuild using the most current and up to date development technologies; Laravel PHP framework and Vue.js Javascript libraries, we’ve totally modernised their internal business processes and built a fully responsive modern front end website, including a completely unique products option selector, making for a super slick and easy online shopping experience.

 * Increase quantity or add item to cart
 * @param  {Object}  item Cart item
increaseOrAdd(item) {
    const cartItem = this.isItemInCart(item)

    if (!cartItem) {
    } else {
fresh seafood by the sea in cornwall

Fish finding made easy

We’ve used site wide ‘tag’ functionality, which has proved extremely powerful in resurfacing product specific content. For example, you can click on the Lobster tag and you’ll be able to see a full list of all Lobster products, all lobster recipes, all blog article content where lobster is the main feature and customer reviews.

Seamless checkout process

We have created a very refined user-centric online shopping experience, complete with product cross selling that can be fully managed by the client with the website CMS.

Trademarked™ functionality

Our innovative Multifaceted Product Variant Selection™ popup is one of a kind. It handles multiple product variants in a sophisticated manner to ensure exceptional ease of use and a seamless buying journey.

A refined subscription experience

Fish For Thought offer fresh seafood recipe boxes, delivered from Cornwall straight to your door. Our system manages the subscription process from end to end including integrated email automation for a seamless customer experience. The systems allows customers to select their preferred recipes each week, as well as allowing them to conveniently choose what day they wish for it to be deliverd on (or even pausing it if they are away).

“We have worked hand in hand with Dewsign over the last 18 months, during which time they have built a brand new bespoke site for our online seafood business. As well as a great new customer-facing site, they have also developed and built an integrated operations and inventory system that is vital to how we run this part of our business. The great thing about the CMS platform that they have built, is that we are in almost full control control of managing and amending content on the site, which makes all the difference for us in our dynamic industry.

All of this would have been great under any circumstances, but the work had to be done following the sudden and tragic death of our original web-developer Simon Mees. The brilliant team at Dewsign were there to support us through this emotional and potentially catastrophic period for our online business, and thanks to their help (and the robustness of Simon's original site) we were able to maintain full business continuity throughout.

We see the team at Dewsign as a valuable extension to our business and look forward to continuing to build our partnership with them into the future.“

Paul Trudgian, Founder - Fish For Thought


Fish For Thought have been hugely empowered by the functionality we have delivered for them. They now have a flexible and robust system, with plenty of potential for growth, meaning that they have full control over the future of their business. They've experience 100% uptime since launch in early 2018.