Fallen & Felled Shopify Case Study
Fallen & Felled Shopify Website Case Study
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Fallen & Felled Shopify Website Case Study

A London-based timber company that repurposes fallen urban trees into hardwood timber and furniture approached us to craft them a story-led Shopify website incorporating London Tree Map, with a roadmap for growth.

Delivery of London Plane from Camden
London plane instrument racks at school
Elm removal Gibson Sq Islington
English Walnut from Hemel Hempstead
London Plane burr board
Milled Sycamore from Friern Barnet
RECLAIMED OAK - Highgate , London - copyright Black Tree London

What we did

Fallen & Felled are a pioneering and sustainably focused timber company who work with local tree surgeons and councils in London. Their sole purpose is to salvage trees which have fallen or been felled in and around London, saving the city trees from the fire by milling them into boards and slowly seasoning them for over 12 months. This transforms them into furniture-grade hardwood timber that is then used by local furniture makers, architects and designers. Its a fully local circular economy.

Dewsign created a Shopify store where users could search and find particular timber by location using a London Tree Map, timber species or individual timber boards for bespoke furniture commissions. This was a fantastic project with a truly authentic and purpose led brand.

Implementing the brand

Fallen & Felled approached us with a fantastic brand already in place. We immediately knew this was going to be a great project.

We ran our strategy workshop and created the website navigation structure based on user profiles and user journeys.

The website were then custom designed with the brand typography and iconography implemented throughout.

Branded icons

We created bespoke icons that used the same style as the logomark, so they all looked like they belong together as a brand led and coherent icon family.


Building blocks for business growth

The website was future proofed by scoping specific Shopify 2.0 sections and functionality Fallen & Felled would need moving forwards to support their business growth. They weren't ready for all the functionality as soon as the website launched as they were still putting internal business processes in place. We therefore built the functionality to support the business goals and empowered Fallen & Felled to roll this functionality out themselves and build out landing pages for cross selling and upselling content and products as they grow.

London Tree Map

The London Tree Map was always going to be a great feature of this project. This custom implemented Google Maps API enables a user to find trees that have been fallen or felled within a specific street or area of London.

This is great benefit for architects, craftsmen, and specifiers with a focus on local sustainability. It also makes for a great feel-good story for the end client.

This provides a holistic sustainable local circular economy central to the ethos of the business.

Footer animation

The limbs of the tree in the logo were a major part of the visual identity and also the circle of life of a tree - growing, moving and falling. We wanted to bring this to life throughout the website, not only for the use of icons but also through the form of a footer animation.

“Since launching our website, sales have increased by 80%. A great deal of this success can be attributed to a step change in customer perception created by Dewsign’s stunning website.

In looking for a web design agency, we knew we needed to find a company which combined technical expertise, crisp contemporary design savvy, and perhaps most importantly, business and marketing know-how. It was clear from our first meeting that Dewsign’s first priority was to really understand our business, so they could create a great user experience and position our brand perfectly.

We love the end result and couldn’t be happier! We look forward to working with Dewsign as our business grows.”

Patrick Welsh, Marketing & Finance Director