Jun 03, 2016

Dewsign Devs Get Stuck In

Dewsign Devs Get Stuck In

Dewsign Devs get stuck in

What better way to increase, optimize and feed our creative and technical processes, than to down some of our everyday tools, and pick up and play with some brand news ones?

Sometimes taking a step to the side, is exactly what you need to catapult yourself forwards, so our boys got their hands dirty with some new mobile frameworks and not only learnt loads about creating funky new apps, but a whole lot about their approach and techniques used to fully maximise their skills as a team.

With no specific brief, the only requirements were that they:

  • addressed a problem
  • built a solution
  • had a working product by EOP on the very same day

...and the rest was up to them.

By removing various barriers and restrictions faced by our everyday workflow, this was an excellent opportunity to listen, learn and observe each other, as well as getting a pretty cool product at the end of it.

Meteor was their framework of choice, after some strong competition from Ionic, and one of the most useful outcomes alongside having a successful product, was actually that by dedicating an entire day to developing a collective knowledge across the whole team, innovative boundaries were pushed to max. Win win.

Watch this space for Dewsign Development Day number 2.

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