House of Lords Case study
House of Lords UX Design Case Study
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House of Lords UX Design Case Study

Dewsign were asked to redesign and simplify the Parliamentary guide of how a Bill becomes law. The passage of a Bill through Parliament is a complex process involving both houses. This was a UX challenge we relished.

What we did

The original visual guide to show the passage of a bill through Parliament was a complex overlapping and intersecting flow diagram which was not easy to understand. It needed a complete overhaul.

We simplified the information flow and provided a more manageable way to understand the process by breaking it down into bite size chunks with the ability to start Bill process from the Commons or the Lords which was key to the simplification.

Further to the reworking of the information flow, we undertook the UX and UI Design and coded up a HTML5 version and also a Flash verion of the guide which the Parliament team then integrated within the website.

This guide was designed for primary use on a website but was also used in printed guides.

Flash version

The video below shows the Flash version of the guide to the passage of a Bill.


Dewsign delivered ready-to-implement code to the Parliament developers for both the HTML and Flash versions of the guide and it was seamlessly integrated into the website. This has proved to be a very successful solution to a very complicated process that has been really well received. The feedback from users has been extremely positive.