Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in #1 position for "office photocopiers"

Natural Listings: On-Page Optimisation

For On Page optimisation, we ensure that your web site pages are built with the needs of the search engines in mind. This activity is included in our BASES program. It is important to understand that no company can guarantee any specific results in detail. Search engine companies guard, adjust and alter their criteria constantly. They are in a constant battle to avoid their search results being compromised by rogue activity. However, there are basic, known and published criteria for the building and populating of web page content. We use this knowledge and our experience since 1998 to work with you to achieve results.

Natural Listings: Off-Page Optimisation

However, even the most superbly optimised web page will not succeed without a network of links pointing to your website. The volume of such inward links from other websites defines a websites “Popularity”. It is this “Popularity” which is crucial to a successful Natural Listings presence in Google, and increasingly so elsewhere. Building the “popularity” of a website is done through Off Page Optimisation.

Off Page Optimisation involves a range of activities including directory submissions, article exchanges and submission to industry newswires and news groups. This is an ongoing process, geared to ensuring fresh indexable content is always associated with your website. This content is picked up by search engines and also by journalists looking for stories for re-publication.

Additionally, Social Network Marketing such as Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts amongst many others are increasingly important to any website promotion activity. Dewsign has developed a number of Social Networking strategies to ensure your website can benefit from this important souce of visitor traffic. Contact us to learn more.

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