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Search Engine Marketing - Covering all the Bases

At Dewsign, we offer a range of programmes to build your success on the web via Search Engine Marketing and Online Visibility campaigns.

These days, the 3 major search engines - Google, Yahoo and Bing - offer a range of tools to ensure your website meets their quality guidelines, and which deliver valuable feedback to drive improvements over time.

Dewsign's unique BASES (BAsic Search Engine Setup) program works with these tools. This ensures your website complies with all the rules and will ensure your website content is found and indexed in Google, Yahoo and Bing. This module will indeed ensure that from the launch of your website, all search engine BASES are covered. Contact us to learn more.

Will My Website Be No 1 on Google?

Getting to No 1 on Google - or Yahoo/Bing - is really not difficult for searches on your brand name. The challenge is to achieve a consistent set of free, top-ranked listings against the sort of search words which your prospective customers would use.

Our aim is to ensure you achieve such rankings. We use tried and tested procedures which have helped our clients achieve No 1 or "first page" rankings in Google and elsewhere - always against many of the search phrases they specified to us.

However, we cannot guarantee you will be #1 on page #1.

Search Engine Marketing - What Do We Do?

Listings in Google and other search engines are of two types - "Natural" and "Paid" listings.

“Natural Listings” (or “Organic Listings”) – are the listings, which appear naturally against any search. To appear in these listings, it is not possible to make any commercial arrangement with the search engines. These listings appear solely because of their “relevance” to the input search term. They are the subject of much interest because they are apparently “free”, but in reality, big competition exists for the prized “top 10” or “first page” listings. A strategy and a budget must be allocated to ensure a fair chance to participate in these listings.

There are two major requirements for success in gaining a high volume of Natural Listings. The first is “On Page” optimisation. The second is “Off Page” optimisation. “Optimisation” simply means creating the ideal conditions for a positive result. “Page” simply means the web page itself.

What to Do Next?

Whether you have an existing website in need of improved web visibility, or are planning a new one, call 0845 094 0184.

If you would like to discuss Search Engine Optimisation further, please contact us.

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