From cards to exhibition stands

We provide high quality graphic design in any medium. We utilise all of the industry standard tools and can lend ourselves to any graphical application with professionalism and creative flair. We work with some of the leading paper suppliers to ensure we have access to all manner of stock materials, finishes and the all important FSC and other environmental certifications.

Stationery & Business Cards

One of the most important pieces of design we undertake for a client is their business card. At networking events hundreds of these can be handed out, so it is important that yours stands out from the others. We use a wide variety of paper stock, materials and finishes to ensure that our clients have individual, visually strong and tactile cards. When you give someone a busines card in a meeting situation, it can be interesting to watch them interacting with it, especially if it has special paper stock, embossing or laminations. As they say, first impressions last.

Print Advertising

Dewsign manages the print advertising design for various clients. This includes multilingual adverts for clients with international client basis such as Richmond, the American International University in London. We appreciate that an advert needs to stand out and quickly convey the key message and most importantly call to action. Through the use of dedicated landing pages on a clients website we can track the quantity of enquiries generated via Google Analytics. In addition some clients use dedicated phone numbers  to track results of inbound calls.

Brochures & Literature

Company brochure and literature form a key aspect of some of our clients marketing strategy. We work closely with copy writers and editors to ensure the structure and voice of the publication is suitable for each audience. We then cherry pick from a select group of artists, illustrators and professional photographers to ensure that the best possible visual assets are used to provide a client with the strongest brochure and marketing communications literature possible.


We have done various types of packaging design over the years from large print runs of bar coded labels to smaller in-house print requirements of the more bespoke cottage industry. Either way we can provide great ideas for packaging utilising all manner of materials to make your products stand out from your competitors.

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