Document Management Systems

The Dewsign Document Management (FTP system) functionality is outlined below. It can be further customised to any set of specific client requirements. If you would like us to tailor a system for you please contact us.

Function Overview

  • User Administration
  • Group Administration
  • Manage Files / Documents
  • Usage Logs

User Administration

There are 3 types of user :

  1. Super Administrator

    • Access to everything in the FTP system
  2. Administrator

    • Can create folders / manage and view files as defined by administrator(s)
  3. User

    • Can only view files as defined by administrator(s)

Upload Method

There are 3x upload methods. If you clients do not have Flash or Java installed, the HTML one is a fail safe.

Flash Browse and upload (multiple files) with progress bar

Java Drag and drop files to upload with progress bar

HTML Browse upload without progress bar

Default View

This defines the default status if a user will see a thumbnail image of the JPG uploaded or an icon to represent the image.

Group Administration

N.B. This area is only available to Super Administrators.

The group administration enables you to combine of a set of users into a group so that you can setup additional privileges for a whole group of users rather than having to define privileges for each individual within the group.

For example, we can create a group with all employees of our company into a group called ‘Dewsign’. You can then setup permissions for all our employees on a group wide basis instead of having to do it on an individual user basis.

Manage Files

This is the main user area where you view / upload / manage files and file permissions. You can view the files by Icon (filename) or Thumbnail (shows small thumbnail of images etc).

If you have super administrator / administrator permissions you can :

  • Create folders
  • Upload Files
  • Assign Folder Users
  • Assign Email Notifications
  • Amend Folder Description
  • Delete Folders

Users can only view / download the files that they have been assigned permissions to view.

User Permissions

You can setup user permissions for a group or individual user (Not super Administrator or Administrator) by clicking on ‘Users’ next to a folder or file. You can then select which group / user has the following permissions:

  • Read Folder + File
  • Edit description Folder + File
  • Upload Folder only
  • Create Folder only
  • Delete Folder + File

Simple select a group / user from the pulldown and check the permissions you want to define.

Email Notification

You can select which users you want to receive email notification for uploads / downloads within a specific folder here. Simply select a group / user from the pulldown. Click ‘Add user / group row’ if you want to add more people to receive notifications

If no permissions are specified for a user or group then the permissions of the parent folder will be used.

Usage Logs

This are enables you to search for a user (by access level, email, name or all) and view their access to the FTP system. Thus you can keep track on who has uploaded / downloaded which files.

If you would like us to tailor a Document Management system for you please contact us.