Business Management Systems

A Business Management System is a software application for; planning, managing or implementing practices, processes and procedures that are used in the development, deployment and execution of a business or business services.

Essentially, it is the software platform that runs the business.

We have provided consultation, workshops, strategy, written functional specifications and designed and delivered and supported all manner of business-critical business management systems over the years. Many of which have evolved over time using our own eCommerce platform as the starting point.

In numerous cases the platforms we build run the whole of our clients’ business from end-to-end. This can include areas such as process workflows, supplier management, inventory management, quoting, invoicing, pick-and-pack and the associated fulfilment of goods and services.

Output documents such as quotes, invoices, loans, lease and in some cases multi page contractual PDF agreements have be setup to output from our systems as part of a pre-defined workflow.

We have integrated with a wide range of off-the-shelf accountancy and CRM and accountancy systems. The possibilities are endless.

Get in touch if you need a Business Management System to run your company.