We offer a dedicated service, or a combination of tailored services. Either way — we deliver results.

  • Strategy

    Strategic thinking and planning


    One of the key benefits of Dewsign is our ability to immerse ourselves within a clients business to understand how the business functions. We then devise a strategy of how to streamline business processes, workflows, develop new sales channels, optimise conversions and increase the bottom line. We embrace design and technology throughout this process and have had outstanding results in terms of business growth for our clients.

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  • Branding

    Branding consultancy and guidelines


    Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room, it is your public face and reputation – and it’s vital to make sure you’re giving the right message. We can help you create the ‘wow’ factor, guiding you through the branding process and help you to establish and grow your identity through multiple touch points both online and offline.

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  • Graphic Design

    From cards to exhibition stands

    Graphic Design

    As a full service agency, we provide high quality graphic design in both digital and printed mediums. We manage all print work for clients from stationery, advertising and brochures through to large scale murals for exhibition stands. We lend ourselves to any graphical application with professionalism and creative flair. We work with some of the leading illustrators and creatives in the UK. Our print management company ensures the highest quality finish at highly competitive rates.

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  • User Experience (UX)

    Tailoring user experience

    User Experience (UX)

    The key to good user experience is to meet the exact needs of the customer. It should be totally intuitive and create positive emotion throughout. We aim to creating simple yet elegant interfaces that are a joy to use. True user experience goes far beyond giving customers what they say they want, or providing checklist features. In order to achieve great user experience there must be a seamless merging of multiple disciplines.

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    User Experience (UX) - Dewsign Service
  • User Interface Design (UI)

    Creating slick interfaces

    User Interface Design (UI)

    Since 1999, we have designed hundreds of websites in many different languages, mobile apps, bespoke web based applications and bespoke software; for clients that include global brands, universities, international financial institutions, UK parliament, royal warrant holders, luxury goods, music festivals, country estates, record labels, boutique hotels, restaurants, charities and some interesting digital start-ups. We are very proud to have such a diverse client list that has come about through recommendations alone. We work very hard to deliver great results to them all.

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    User Interface Design (UI) - Dewsign Service
  • Responsive Website Design

    Optimal device experiences

    Responsive Website Design

    Responsive Website Design (RWD) is the creation of fluid grid based websites that automatically react to the screen size of the device browser displaying them. This aims to provide easy to view content with varying navigation formats based on device type.

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  • Website Development

    Lightweight, robust and semantic code

    Website Development

    We are very fortunate to have a fantastic team of web developers and programmers. We have a very high retention rate, unheard of in our industry, many of the team have been with us for more than a decade – they are our greatest asset, as such we look after them. They continually adapt to the ever expanding array of digital web technologies and harness the ones that provide the greatest benefits to our clients. We are always at the leading edge of web technology but ensure that it is backwards compatible where needed.

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    Website Development - Dewsign Service
  • CMS

    Custom Content Management Systems


    We have worked with most of the leading Content Management Systems (CMS) over the years, and in some cases continue to do so. However, we found early on that to provide the most robust, scalable and flexible framework for business critical websites, eCommerce and web based applications — we would need to build our own platform. In 2001 we created the Dewsign Content Management System known simply as CMS4 and have continued to developing it ever since. It is a PHP/MySQL framework with an extensive set of modules that are created/tailored/enhanced to adapt to a projects requirements for any type of web, mobile CMS application. It is already configured with leading payment providers e.g. Sagepay and Paypal and and we often integrate it with clients internal software applications.

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  • eCommerce

    Everything you need to run an online shop


    Dewsign has built numerous eCommerce websites ranging from off-the-shelf software based systems selling a handful of products; to bespoke eBusinesses with tens of thousands of products using 3rd party product data and specification feeds, redundant payment service providers and real time fraud prevention solutions. Our CMS4 platform provides the perfect framework for long-term eCommerce development and has been used to create custom product configurators, product selector wizards and faceted search/browse interfaces, with orders being pushed directly to our clients internal business management and accountancy software.

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  • Software Integration

    Making your internal and external application talk to each other

    Software Integration

    The integration of a website to the internal systems/software that run a business is becoming more and more popular. We have integrated our CMS framework with a wide variety of bespoke and off-the-shelf applications which enables our clients to streamline their business processes. Where an existing system is not in place, we have designed and built Business Management Systems into a clients existing CMS framework that subsequently runs their business. The business benefits of the streamlining business process using our CMS platform are huge and ensure that the capital investment is quickly justified.

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    Software Integration - Dewsign Service
  • Mobile Apps

    Reach a wider audience with mobile apps

    Mobile Apps

    In recent years, the explosion of mobile and tablet devices use has caused forward thinking companies to carefully consider how best to utilise these devices in both B2B and B2C scenarios. In some channels, 30% of website visitors are coming from mobile/tablet devices and this leads many companies to consider creating dedicated Mobile Apps. Our CMS platform provides the ideal framework to manage the App content, functionality and push notifications - this can be hooked into existing CMS frameworks as needed. We have designed and built native iOS and HTML5 Apps for Android and Windows platforms.

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  • SEO / Digital Marketing

    Search Engine Optimisation and Online Visibility

    SEO / Digital Marketing

    Dewsign's unique BASES (BAsic Search Engine Setup) program ensures your website complies with all the best practice configuration with the leading search engines. From this point forward it is crucial to have a clear digital marketing strategy to encompass all channels including; Organic Listings, Pay Per Click (PPC), Remarketing, Google Display Network, Mobile PPC etc. However, we must always remember 'content is king' and the regular updating of your website with unique content fed through to the appropriate social channels will be of great benefit. We can help you create and implement a strategy to ensure best practice SEO your business.

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  • Email Marketing

    Successful and engaging campaigns

    Email Marketing

    Subscription based Email Marketing systems such as Campaign Monitor provide a fully featured and easy to use online Email Marketing Tool. They can be fully integrated into a client’s website and automatically manages category based email list subscriptions. Our clients can then manage all their Email Marketing in-house using a custom branded set of email templates that we create, or we can manage the whole process for you.

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