Dewsign Bamboo and Scaffold Desks

Posted on: 07/01/2016

Darren Williams, the founder and MD of Dewsign, has been getting back to his industrial roots. He gives us the inside scoop on how he built our studio desks.

Running a digital design agency means I spend a great deal of time in the digital world, so I take every opportunity possible to make physical things.

A few years ago I made a couple of large tables from bamboo worktops with chunky tubular stainless steel legs. I use one as a desk and the other one as a conference table. They are a pleasure to sit at and the light colour of the wood lifts your mood.

"It is always satisfying getting back to my Industrial Design roots."

We needed some desks for the new studio so I designed a similar set with bamboo tops but this time using scaffold for the legs.

Bamboo is a fantastic material. It is the fast growing plant with some species growing at 0.00003 kilometre(s) per hour. At the same time as being very sustainable it is very durable and hard wearing.

The scaffold is quick and easy to put together and forms a really sturdy base for the multiple monitor Mac based workstation setup most the Dewsign team use.

I originally tested a number of surface finishes, including; Danish Oil, Tung Oil (great for food based areas) but found varnish to be the most hard wearing. Considering the wear and tear the desks get it needs to be bullet proof with minimum maintenance. I decided to varnish them at the time and they have lasted really well.

They have turned out great and they guys are really happy working at them.

Dewsign Bamboo Desk Top

Varnishing Dewsign Bamboo Desks

Degreased Scaffold Tubes

Scaffold and Bamboo desk production line

Work in progress scaffold and bamboo desk

First Bamboo Desk Completed