Catching up with Turn to Starboard

Posted on: 31/01/2017

Turn to Starboard was founded in 2012, using Royal Yachting Association (RYA) sailing courses to support Armed Forces personnel and families who have been affected by military operations. With a team of Yachtmasters and volunteers, the charity offer training and qualifications for service men who have been wounded, injured or sick, providing them with new career prospects and a hope for the future. 
As keen sailors, Dewsign were excited to partner with Turn to Starboard as a pro-bono client in 2013. We worked to create them a strong brand identity, design their marketing and communications materials and deliver a fully responsive website. Since then, the awareness of the organisation has grown exponentially. They now have eleven employees, 180 volunteers and have sailed 365 beneficiaries in the last 12 months. Five of the major military charities are supporting them, and they are regularly gifted yachts from companies and individuals wanting to assist in their life-changing work. 
In the words of Dewsign’s CEO Darren Williams, “when I met Shaun Pascoe (Turn to Starboard CEO) it was clear that he was trying to provide a level of support for servicemen that wasn’t being offered by the military. We realised that we could help, and are hugely proud knowing that our work has assisted in these veterans regaining a quality of life and a future career.”
Four years after the website went live, we met up with Shaun to find out more about the impact this incredible charity has made.