Skinflint Design: Bespoke Ecommerce Website And Business Management System

SkinFlint are lighting designers and dealers in reclaimed retro lighting and salvaged lights from the 20th Century with an emphasis on industrial fixtures. Based in Cornwall SkinFlint work across a varied array of projects UK wide ranging from architectural schemes to cultural museums to small and large scale residential properties.

In 2009 SkinFlint asked us to build them an eCommerce website. This proved so successful that it doubled their first years sales targets. We continue to provide creative direction, digital strategy, website development and Business Management Systems application development - all generating sustained business growth.

SkinFlint originally ran the product restoration process, contractors/suppliers activities and sales aspects of the business using a number of large Excel Spreadsheets, we have subsequently created a full Business Management System within the Dewsign Content Management System (CMS) which now runs their whole business, including the lighting restoration work flow process.

It is fantastic to be working with such a progressive company so dedicated in breathing life back into our unique industrial design treasures.

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Dewsign CMS

The Dewsign CMS manages the whole business workflow. All product information; stock levels, restoration process, testing, photography, sales and archiving is managed through a single CMS interface. The restoration workflows and contractors worksheets are defined in batches so that they can be easily duplicated and all associated paperwork including quotes, invoicing and other documents are saved within the system. It is a great example of a fully bespoke Business Management software application created around a highly successful niche business.