Port Eliot Festival 2015

Port Eliot Festival: Bespoke Responsive Website And Content Management System

Port Eliot Festival is an annual three day summer event, hosting an incredible array of performers to celebrate music, food, fashion, imagination, literature, nature, and exploration. Over a decade old, the festival continues to draw in an exciting crowd of all ages, who come together to enjoy laid-back festival vibes, and soak up the inspirational and fun atmosphere.

Dewsign have established a long standing relationship with Port Eliot Festival, making us experts in developing a fully responsive web application to truly reflect the unique identity of the festival and fully demonstrate the overall festival brand and it’s unique personality.

The website encourages a slick user journey, whilst showcasing the individuality of each artist and where to find them. Using our bespoke CMS platform with added bespoke functionality, the site has been tailor made. The unique artist sign up and approval feature allows for an efficient and smooth work flow transition, as well giving the client full control over what acts are released onto the live site.

This fully responsive site proved very successful with festival goers using it to find out who was playing from their mobile devices during the weekend.

An integrated festival experience

User Experience

Easy filtering for
seamless usability

Complicated filtering can often result in losing users and causing serious frustration. We wanted to give festival goers an efficient and simple way to search for their favourite artists and find out what stages they are playing on.

Artist Scheduling

The artists timetable and schedule is fully managed through our CMS and integrates across the site using our bespoke form system.

Easy listening

We integrated the Spotify API in to the Port Eliot Festival website allowing users to listen to the artists before or whilst at the festival.

Bespoke artist system

CMS Managment

Step 1:

Artists are sent a link via email to a Port Eliot Festival artist sign up form.

Step 2:

Once the form is submitted, our CMS automatically creates the artist in the system and takes all of the information submitted and applies it as a draft Artist.

Step 3:

The CMS admin then reviews the information submitted and adds the artist in to the schedule. The artist’s profile is then set to live on the festival site.

A content rich experience

All your favourite artists in one place

Explore and save your favourite artists

Browse your favourite artists

Functionality allows festival goers to browse the library of artists using our user friendly filter system.

Select your favourites

Artists can then be selected as favourites using the heart icon on each artist page or straight from the library page.

Share with yourself, devices and friends

The selection of favourite artists are then collected and stored using cookies on the favourites page. Here the user is able to share with friends so that they can all watch the same artists or share with other devices in order to create a seamless festival experience.