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Origin Coffee: Shopify Ecommerce Website

Origin Coffee Ltd. are a speciality coffee company, working to deliver exceptional coffee in every single cup. Starting their journey in Cornwall, they now supply multiple coffee shops nationally and are satisfying coffee lovers internationally, across Europe and the rest of the world. Driven by passion and precision, Origin Coffee relentlessly pursue quality at every stage of their process and strive to exceed expectations of every coffee enthusiast.

Dewsign provided the digital strategy, design and build of the website which uses the Shopify platform. We implemented three of our own custom built plugins to work with the Shopify API and built a bespoke Chrome Browser plugin to manage product content. Origin now have a scalable, reliable and globally distributed delivery platform, alongside a complete new online course management and booking facility.

The results speak for themselves — shortly after launching the new site there was a 166% increase in mobile sales, 28% increase in tablet sales and 76% increase in desktop sales.

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Elegant, High End Design

Origin’s existing website was no longer fit for purpose. It did not align with their updated brand focusing on producing and selling high-end, quality coffee for enthusiasts. The ecommerce system was inadequate and restricting their business development, particularly with regards to the Education and Wholesale sectors.

Origin initially asked us to make some improvements to their current system, however, after carrying out a digital strategy review, it was clear that a new build was going to be a much more suitable long term solution with increased benefits.

Origin home page Origin product category page
Origin homepage with instagram feed

Working closely with the Origin team, in collaboration with their brand guardians, A-Side, we ran strategy workshops focusing on their business goals. We created a new strategy for their ecommerce site and restructured the site architecture and user experience based on their business objectives and consumer demands.

By developing professional processes to work with the fully hosted Shopify ecommerce system we were able to provide Origin Coffee with a scalable, reliable, globally distributed delivery platform with a fully customised, source code managed, high-quality website. Not only were we able to create a beautiful looking site, completely on brand, we were able to deliver a streamlined content management system that would help drive their business forwards.

Bespoke Shopify Plugins

For a more seamless migration of content from the old site, and increased functionality for adding product information, we developed three bespoke plugins for the new Shopify system.

1. Meta Fields - enables custom product fields (managed via a custom written Chrome Browser Extension)

2. Sync Redirects - used for implementing 301 redirects for SEO

3. Blog Import - used for importing blog content from old CMS platform into the new Shopify system (for SEO)

By professionally integrating two applications from the Shopify app-store, we were able to help Origin Coffee create a whole new revenue stream through recurring subscription orders, as well as a complete online course management and booking facility, including a training and events calendar. By utilising these applications we were able to offer additional functionality within the given budget that could also be scaled up for business growth.

Responsive, Flexible Layouts

Origin showing responsive view on multiple devices

The Origin Coffee website design has been crafted to look just as good and work equally well on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. A full seamless experience.

Origin coffee full screen home screenshot

Home page

Origin coffee full screen shop screenshot

Shop page

Origin coffee full screen product screenshot

Product page

Origin showing different screen views on iphones

The improved mobile shopping experience has led to significant increase in online sales, with mobile devices now taking a far higher percentage of sales orders.


166% increase in mobile sales

27.57% increase in tablets sales

76% increase in desktop sales

52.6% increase in ecommerce conversion rate