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Khu Khu is a Madrid based start-up, collaborating with artists and designers to make beautiful hand fans. Founder, Victoria Speyer, was inspired to set up the company when living in sunny Andalucia a few years ago. Most of the fans she came across were old fashioned looking, with hand-painted flowers and 1950s designs. Having spent three years travelling between London and Spain, learning from craftsmen and family companies who have been working with fans for generations, Victoria set up two teams of art-workers, 3D technicians, mould makers and fabric printers in both locations. They work to combine traditional techniques with cutting edge technologies, so that each fan is a truly stylish piece which remains hand-finished in Spain.

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Dewsign first met with Victoria in 2016. Her vision was to have an ecommerce website, which enabled her to showcase products whilst increasing awareness of the company. As Shopify Partners, we proposed using their fully hosted platform due to its ease of use, excellent 'out of the box' ecommerce functionality and the ability to create bespoke store themes. We are big supporters of start-ups and entrepreneurs, so worked hard to ensure a cost effective proposal was put together, clearly outlining the ways in which we could help Khu Khu grow as a business.

Our creative partners, TheCreativeArms, designed the Khu Khu brand and captured the fun and modern essence of the company. Using our best practice UX development process, we were then able to implement the brand within a Shopify theme to enhance it and give the website a high-end look. The beauty of Khu Khu products speak for themselves, so combining the striking imagery and high-resolution photographs with Dewsign’s clean and contemporary UX gives the website an extra special finishing touch.

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A Bright Future

Since the website went live, Khu Khu has had an excellent first year being featured in both The Times Best Gifts for 2016 list and Glamour magazine. The popular online retailer Wolf & Badger are now stocking their products, and Khu Khu have some exciting plans ahead for 2017. It has been a real honour to work with Victoria, and be part of the website build that launched her stunning fans into the world.

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