DLP: Website And Bespoke Software Development

This project demonstrates our in-depth experience and highly technical ability to build bespoke software applications using Adobe Flash and ActionScript.

PAT is an acronym for 'Political Analytical Tool' which is a bespoke Flash Application that has been developed for the Developmental Leadership Program (DLProg).

PAT enables a user to draw timeline based diagrams of leadership structures within countries or organisations, and provides easily accessible information between the relationships showing pressures and influences within the leadership framework. Nodes representing events can be laid out in a timeline interface with interconnecting lines and a rich set of meta data associated with the nodes managed via a CMS and written to a database.

The tool consists of both a Flash front end and back end talking to a mysql/php backend using xml. The front end Flash allows users to explore the diagram and view the information on each node (including custom drawn pie charts and viewing more details expansions of each node), the back end Flash tool allows chart authors to create and edit diagrams using a set of tools to add and move nodes, input explanatory info for each node, create connections and add underlying timeline information. The back end Flash creates from scratch a point and click environment in the browser including windows similar to more familiar desktop environments.

PAT also includes the ability to generate PDFs from the chart data. PDFs are created by analysing the positions of the nodes and scaling to fit to the page appropriately. The actual PDF is generated purely from primitive shapes and text fields.

The system also supports user privileges and groups so that charts can be viewed or edited according to roles set up previously.

Work flow

Construction of a basic timeline

Legend key

Node overlay basic overview

Detailed node view

Node overlay detailed information panel

Content overlay panel

PDF Print out

We created a PDF print version of the data for use in presentations and hand-outs. This document is dynamically generated from the CMS system.