Cornwall Good Seafood Guide: Probono Branding And Responsive Website / Web App

Cornwall’s fishing industry has never been so sustainable, and Cornish seafood is renowned for its quality and taste. However, knowing what fish to buy can be a complicated issue.

The Cornwall Wildlife Trust wanted to develop a digital solution, allowing consumers to make informed decisions on what fish to buy, where to buy them, and the impact of their purchasing decisions on the marine environment.

We, in partnership with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Marine Conservation Society and leading industry professionals, had one goal; deliver an engaging, informative tool, which connects real people with real information. We not only designed and developed the the fully responsive, bespoke, web application, but were also heavily involved in the strategy, design and implementation of a strong recognisable brand.

The result is a detailed, attractive, easy to navigate, online resource, appealing to both industry professionals and members of the public.

We were excited to be involved with such a unique project, a great cause, and proud to support sustainable fishing in Cornwall.

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Creating a brand presence

Logo Development Cornwall Good Seafood Guide Branding Cornwall Good Seafood Guide Branding


Pantone 143

C: 0 M: 35% Y: 85% K: 0

R: 248 G: 179 B: 52


Pantone Process Blk (80%)

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 80

R: 88 G: 88 B: 90


Pantone Process Blk

C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100

R: 0 G: 0 B: 0


Rating System

Initial Development Final Design

Recommended badge created as a stamp of approval

The design of the sustainability rating chart using details provided by the Marine Conservation Society, as well as the “Recommended” brand stamp are just two examples of how both brand design and UI interlink to create this clean and clear resource, with recognisable brand impact.

The “Buy Cornish” directory, complete with interactive map and filtered search, is an excellent example of carefully considered UX, a strong CMS fully supporting a high level of data entry, and demonstrable brand implementation whereby the charity can generate revenue from businesses seeking to be indexed and have certified use the “Recommended” brand stamp.

Our Digital Strategy

“Our goal was to deliver an engaging, informative tool, which connects real people with real information.”

Platform by Platform

We looked at creating tailored user experiences across each device. When approaching the design for the larger screen we found that giving users the full package in form of a clean responsive desktop website was the most efficient and satisfying experience. This allowed us to build in some really nice browsing areas whilst delivering a range of informative content.

Adapting for tablet

Applications are now expected to work across all devices. We wanted to give a similar fluid experience over all screen sizes for desktop, tablet and mobile.

Giving the user a more essential experience.

Part of our digital strategy was to create an easy to access mobile version of the application for people on the move. We wanted to create maximum user engagement throughout the application, so whether you're browsing for a restaurant that sells sustainable fish based on your location or at your local supermarket fish counter we've got you covered.


Dewsign officially named as a Wildlife Partner by the Wildlife Trust

“We came to Dewsign with a very ambitious and broad project idea. The team were fantastic at helping us develop the project to ensure that the website was user-friendly, modern, engaging and capable of presenting a highly complex subject in a way that many different levels of users could engage with. We are delighted with the end result; a website that is fully functional and beautifully designed. In addition Dewsign's help with producing a strong and recognisable brand for our printed materials was first rate. We are incredibly proud of the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, and would like to extend our thanks to Darren, Tom and all the rest of the Dewsign Team. It has been a pleasure to work with you all, and we hope we can continue to do so for many years!”

Matt Slater and Carolyn Waddell
Cornwall Wildlife Trust