Nov 12, 2014

Regaining Control of your Web Strategy

Regaining Control of your Web Strategy

Regaining control of your web strategy

Some of us at Dewsign were lucky enough to attend the annual .NET Generate Conference last month, and were treated to a day of inspirational and eye-opening views from some of the leading experts in the field of digital design..

During Jeremy Keith’s keynote talk ‘Enhance’, Jeremy expressed the idea of ‘progressive enhancement’ within the digital design industry. He explained how, as designers and developers, we should not allow ourselves to rely on JavaScript to create major functionality aspects of digital experiences. This was illustrated by a Case Study of the website in which they discovered that a “small percentage” of users were unable to access the javascript elements of the website - this small percentage being upwards of 300,000 users! ( design principles -

Another aspect that Jeremy touched on was how we approach cross device design.