Nov 21, 2018

Listen out for big things from THCP

Listen out for big things from THCP

The Hearing Care Partnership (THCP) are on a mission to help everyone live their lives to the full. Starting in 2017, they have grown from operating in just a handful of locations in the South East, to now operating in over 60+ outlets across the UK.

THCP know that “better hearing enables you to successfully navigate your way through life” and we know that better websites enable your consumers to interact better with your brand online - making it the perfect partnership.

We worked with THCP to create a more seamless user journey for their primary target audience, who are looking to find out key information about their hearing health, the services on offer and those looking to book an appointment at their nearest branch. Secondary to this, the new website needed to appeal to potential business partners who would like to join their network of long-established independent optical businesses who are “already enjoying the benefits of having a market-leading audiology service operate alongside their optometry services”.

The original THCP website, that we built using Wordpress, allowed the business to get up and running and served its purpose as being a short term launchpad website. Offering exceptional customer service in person, we wanted the new site to mirror the level of care THCP take when interacting with their customers and partners, and to transfer this to their online experience. Using our bespoke Laravel CMS we were able to give the THCP team the desired flexibility for managing their online content.

We designed and developed a site made from core custom content blocks, which allowed them to build out key content areas of their website, meaning that they now have the power to immerse, engage and upsell to their consumers at a number of levels.

The new site not only works better for their customers, it reflects their exponential growth whilst fully facilitating future business development.

Full case study coming soon.