Technically Agnostic

We are technically agnostic.

This simply means, we are unbiased towards the use of different technology tools to solve different problems or deliver a website, digital product or service.

Our approach is focused on defining the correct technical solution when we are clear of the user, functional and systems requirements.

Bespoke Software Development

Our core business has always been building bespoke web-based software applications. We have created our own Multilingual eCommerce Content Management System (CMS). This is now on version 6 and on the Laravel PHP Framework.

We deliver very complex applications on this platform and continue to support clients who are using earlier versions of this platform. Some business critical implementations were originally launched over a decade ago and are still fully supported today.

Headless Development

We believe in the approach “Start with the customer experience and work back to the Technology” and champion innovative and proven cutting edge solutions that provide the best user experience.

Staying at the forefront of technology is critical to this and we are in recent times increasingly working with the Decoupled CMS Architecture, also known as “headless”.

This development approach works with frontend technologies such as React and Gatsby and API driven backend Content Management Systems (CMS) such as Prismic and Contentful.

The advantage of headless development offers advanced and enhanced user experience and huge flexibility for future website redesigns.

Headless development can offer many advantages, so it is now always a consideration when looking at the best technology fit.

Shopify Experts

We have Shopify Expert status and have delivered numerous very successful Shopify websites.

We have created various Shopify plugins to manage content and have created our in-house Shopify development packages.

A recent project included some very sophisticated bespoke systems integrations between Shopify, email sending platform Sendgrid, health clinic management system Cliniko, questionnaire platform and other middleware applications.

This project reflects our ability to deliver very technical implementations using the Shopify platform that have been fully customised to fulfil specific business needs.

Drupal Development

We have over 10 years experience working with the Drupal CMS platform from Drupal 5 to the upcoming Drupal 9.

This includes extensive development of complex applications from private sector websites with highly complex custom development requirements; third party integrations and content workflows to governmental platforms with enterprise level security needs.

We understand how Drupal works, what it does well and how to achieve the best results from it.

WordPress Professionals

WordPress is an option well known clients. It has it’s place but we are seeing less usage given the more modern platforms and approached to software and website development available.

We have designed and built our own ‘Maxfactor’ WordPress website theme which is a heavily customisable framework to enable rapid deployment of WordPress websites. We have also created various plugins to assist website functionality.

However undertaken - we manage WordPress websites in a very robust and enterprise style manner.