Dewsign Pro Bono Projects

For many years, Dewsign have undertaken pro bono projects "for the public good". It is part of our core values and it’s in our DNA.

We have selected some of these projects below to give an idea of this work. The aim has always been to provide a real benefit both now and in the future. The whole team relish working on these projects. It’s such a great feeling to see our pro bono work making a difference.

Cornwall Good Seafood Guide

Dewsign MD Darren grew up with Cornwall Good Seafood Guides founder Matthew Slater. Matt went on to be a Marine Biologist with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust.

When Matt mentioned to Darren that the Cornwall Wildlife Trust wanted to setup the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, there was no question we wanted to get involved - we need to be a part of this!

The aim of the guide is to help us all make good seafood choices; providing detailed information on all the seafood landed to Cornish ports by Cornish boats. These are rated on sustainability using the Marine Conservation Society system, meaning all scores are comparable with ratings from around the world.

We have provided a considerable amount of pro bono work on the original and newly launched Cornwall Good Seafood Guide website.

“Matt and I spent most of our childhoods - in, on and under the sea - pulling fish, crabs and lobsters out of rockpools. It was great to work with him on this fantastic project. Creating ways to manage sustainable fishing is the only way our future generations are going to be able to enjoy the sea food we eat today. We need more people to understand the importance of these food choices and this website provides a simple way to do it.”

You can checkout the full case study here.

Turn To Starboard

Dewsign’s MD Darren Williams met the now CEO of Turn to Starboard, Shaun Pascoe on a yacht sailing from Falmouth. Shaun explained the concept of the charity he wanted to setup to help ex-serviceman learn to sail. This would not only help in their rehabilitation and integration into society, it would provide them with valuable certifications that would enable them to get work in the sailing industry.

Having grown up sailing in Falmouth and knowing the incredible sport and pastime it is, Darren was keen to help. Dewsign created the Turn to Starboard brand, marketing materials and brochure website. With these key tools Shaun was able to approach donors and grant funding agencies confidently with a professional proposition.

5 years later, Turn to Starboard has a fully funded program with multiple yachts and a new location opened in Portsmouth with a new racing team division.

“I was fortunate to spend most weekends of my teenage years sailing - be it training, national and international events. Knowing how much I have benefitted from sailing, I was eager to help Shaun provide this experience and future paths for the men and women who have given their lives to our country.”

You can checkout the full case study here.


Dewsign were approached by RedSTART, to design and build a digital platform that enabled them to meet their goal of providing financial education to 1 million children. We were really impressed by their vision and were keen to get involved.

Our digital solution was to provide a brochure website and secure portal that enables RedSTART to manage the delivery of workshop related content and assets.

We provided a considerable amount of pro bono work which resulted in Dewsign being the Official Charity Digital Partner of RedSTART.

“I realised that as a child, I had little or no financial education at school. I thought that the vision of the RedSTART team was a fantastic way to help future generations learn to better manage their finances. This is not only key to them individually, but will have a positive knock-on effect for the generations to come.”

The Future

We're here to support these amazing initiatives, using our data driven strategy, creative, design and delivery services and continue our collaboration through our Conscious Digital approach.

If you have a project that you think could benefit from our services, please get in touch.