UN Cells

UN Cells are revolutionizing the luxury mobile phone marketplace. The Chairman is the worlds first luxury hybrid smart phone produced by the marquis partnership between Ulysse Nardin, an industry leader in mechanical timepieces, and SCI, a pioneer in hybrid cell phone technology.

Dewsign were asked to create a bespoke software application to manage the Over-the-air (OTA) Android mobile phone software updates. Built on our CMS4 platform, we have delivered a bespoke software application running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) that enables the phones to update Over-the-air (OTA) and via desktop download. The highly configurable custom rules engine manages the software versions between territories and ensures that UN Cells have complete control over their global software distribution.

Further to the success of the OTA project, we are developing a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which is again build from our CMS4 content management system.

Services provided:

UN Cells Over-the-Air (OTA) Android software updates using Dewsign CMS4.0

UN Cells - Android Software Manual Provisioning Software - developed by Dewsign

Above: UN Cells Android Software Provisioning software, user front end.

UN Cells - Android Software Provisioning Administration System

Above: Screen shot from the CMS4 based administration interface that manages the global OTA and manual update provisioning for the UN Cells Android operating system.